Opera Tickets - 2015 Season




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Single Tickets performances
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1125,00100,00 / 80,0080,00/64,0064,00 / 52,00
2105,0085,00 / 70,0070,00 / 56,0056,00 / 45,00
390,0075,00 / 60,0060,00 / 48,0048,00 /40,00
470,0055,00 / 45,0045,00 / 36,0036,00 / 30,00
560,0045,00 / 35,0035,00 / 28,0028,00 / 24,00
650,0040,00 / 32,0032,00 / 26,0026,00 / 22,00
735,0025,00 / 20,0020,00 / 18,0018,00 / 15,00
825,0018,00 /  -15,00 /  -12,00 / -


Ballet Tickets - 2015 Season



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450,0040,00 / 35,0035,00 / 28,00
540,0032,00 / 27,0027,00 / 22,00
638,0030,00 / 25,0025,00 / 20,00
730,0022,00 / 18,0018,00 / 15,00
822,0015,00 /  -12,00 /  -


Concert Tickets - 2015 Season


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220,00 / 15,00
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715,00 / 12,00


Summerwhere 2015


How much

How to purchase Tickets
VexationsFoyer10-11 luglio22,00//
Le stelle intorno a noiCastello Utveggio12 luglio20,3020 €
(shuttle service included)
Box-office / Online
Sirene per marePorto - Banchina Piave14 luglio18,00//
Carmina BuranaTeatro di Verdura19 luglio21,30da 10 a 25 €Box-office/ Online
La tempestaTeatro Samonà - Sciacca23 luglio21,00  
Concerto finale del Corso per Direttore d'OrchestraCastello Utveggio24 luglio20,305 €Box-office / Online
Baile!Teatro di Verdura29 luglio21,30da 10 a 25 €Box-office/ Online
Le stelle prima di noiCastello Utveggio5 agosto20,3020 €
(shuttle service included)
Box-office / Online
Ballo! Taranta d'amoreTeatro di Verdura6 agosto21,30da 10 a 25 €Box-office/ Online
Le stelle dentro di noiCastello Utveggio6 agosto20,3020 €
(shuttle service included)
Box-office / Online
La notte di San LorenzoTerrazzo del Teatro Massimo9 agosto22,3025 €
(brindisi compreso)


Per gli spettacoli al Teatro di Verdura è possibile usufruire delle riduzioni apllicate a opere, balletti e concerti (vedi sotto), mentre per quelli al Castello Utveggio, lo sconto è riservato esclusivamente ai titolari della Card Under30 (biglietto 10€).


Online Tickets

You can purchase your tickets online through the TicketOne website
Beware of external vendors, as the only authorized vendor is TicketOne. 
Collect your tickets at the Teatro Massimo box-office on the same day of performance, one hour before the beginning.

Teatro Massimo Box-office

The Box-office is located inside the Theatre - Piazza Verdi, Palermo.

Opening hours: everyday from 9.30am to 6pm

On the days of performance, the box-office opens one hour before the beginning, and closes half an hour after the commencing of the performance.

Contact us at
Tel: +39 091 605.35.80 - Fax: + 39 091 605.33.91

Box-office by phone

You can book your tickets by phone dialing the number 091 84.86.000
Every day, from 9am to 8pm

Authorized dealers

You can book your tickets at the TicketOne selling points in many European cities. 
Find the authorized TicketOne dealer nearest to you.


Full: 8,00 €
Concession: 5,00 €
Group concession (at least 20 people): 6,00 €
School group concession: 3,00 €
Children under 6: free entrance


The following concessions are available for concerts, opera and ballet performances B, C, D, F, S1, S2, Single-tickets (Premiere excluded):
• Young people up to the age of 30
• Elderly people, over the age of 65
• Groups (at least 20 people)
• Disabled people on a wheelchair may access the hall (platea) at the full price of section 6.
• Ideanet Card holders 


Admission to the Theatre is restricted to ticket-owners only. On entering the venue, the audience is required to show the ticket to the Theatre's personnel. Tickets cannot be reimbursed, given to others or used for commercial/advertising/promotional purposes unless previously authorized by the Theatre management. Latecomers will not be admitted to the Theatre until a suitable interval. It is forbidden to use a seat other than the one purchased. Changes in the seating assignment can occur for technical or security reasons.

The Theatre reserves the right to provide alternative seats to those specified on the ticket for security or technical reasons. Children under the age of six are not admitted to performances (with the exception of the educational programme for the schools). The use of cameras and recording equipment is strictly forbidden. Umbrellas, hats, bags, crash-helmets, photo or videocameras and all recording equipment are to be left in the cloakroom. Cell phones must be turned off. The audience is required to stay silent during the performance. Photographs, video and audio recordings are strictly forbidden. No food or drink are allowed into the Theatre. The audience may refer to the person in charge of reception or to the reception personnel for any need. Smoking is forbidden.


The management reserves the right to make changes on the timetable, artistic programme and/or the setting and management of the performance, that could be necessary due to technical, artistical or extraordinary reasons not depending on the Theatre's management will (including workers' strike and/or due to force majeure).
In the above-mentioned cases, the Theatre will search a suitable alternative consistent with the budget or otherwise provide a reimbursement under the following conditions: 
a) in case of a date change, up to the original date in which the performance was scheduled at the time of purchase; b) in case of essential changes due to Teatro's workers' strike, or to force majeure such that the performance goes on stage in a partial form (for example opera performed without the orchestra or with piano only and such cases) up to the date of performance; c) in case of full cancellation, within 15 days after the date of performance. The relevant SIAE ruling will always be followed. In case of changes in the scheduled performances occur, the audience will be promptly informed through a printed notice in the foyer, this website ( and whenever possible through email. For any other occurence not mentioned here, the Italian law on the matter will apply.