The presentation of the project “Short Opera – La traviata“, which will be staged at the Danisinni Farm on Friday, July 7th, 2023. An adaptation of Verdi’s opera with which the Fondazione Teatro Massimo continues the work already started a few years ago in some of the city’s neighborhoods.
The goal is to trespass into new spaces and weave new social textures through the language of music and musical theater.

The new production, loosely inspired by Giuseppe Verdi‘s La traviata, is conceived and directed by director Marco Canzoneri, enriched by Gianluigi Toccafondo‘s video images and the set design created ad hoc by Stefano Canzoneri: a “portable,” street theater that can adapt to the city’s most diverse spaces. Short Opera La traviata features soprano Federica Maggì as the only solo performer and engages more than sixty amateur choristers, from 8 to 75 years old from the Danisinni, Roccella/Sperone and ZEN neighborhoods, directed by Maestro Manlio Messina, supported by the Cantoria, conducted by Maestros Salvatore Punturo and Giuseppe Ricotta, who will be the protagonists of a dynamic staging with live music by the Massimo Symphonic Band, composed of 40 youngsters between the ages of 7 and 23. On the podium is Maestro Michele De Luca, director of the Massimo Theater’s youth orchestral ensembles. Orchestration is by Salvatore Nogara. Music assistant and arrangements by Vincenzo Alioto. Assistant director and arrangements Manlio Messina. Lighting is by Leonardo Librizzi.

Admission is free.

Palermo, July 5, 2023