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Season 2022-23 / Operas


Running time: 190 minutes
Teatro Massimo
Tickets from € 20,00
Booking open on 06/03/2023


From 16 to 23 April 2023 |Main Stage, Teatro Massimo

Lyric tragedy in two acts
by Vincenzo Bellini
Conductor Lorenzo Passerini
Directors Ugo Giacomazzi and Luigi Di Gangi
Scene Design Federica Parolini
Costume Design Daniela Cernigliaro
Lighting Design Luigi Biondi
Assistant Director and Assistant Lighting Design Francesco Traverso

A production of the Teatro Massimo in co-production with Sferisterio di Macerata



Norma Marina Rebeka (16, 20, 23) / Desirée Rancatore (18, 19, 22)
Pollione Dmitry Korchak (16, 18, 20, 23) / Matteo Falcier (19, 22)
Adalgisa Maria Barakova (16, 18, 20, 23) / Lilly Jørstad (19, 22)
Oroveso Riccardo Fassi
Flavio Massimiliano Chiarolla
Clotilde Elisabetta Zizzo
Teatro Massimo Orchestra and Chorus
Chorus Master Salvatore Punturo

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In the 1st century A.D. Gaul is occupied by the Romans. Oroveso, head of the druids, and the Gauls are waiting the high priestess and daughter of Oroveso, Norma, to reveal the will of the God Irminsul, and therefore a sign for the war against the Romans to start (“Ite sul colle, o Druidi”). 

During their regular patrol, the roman proconsul Pollione tells his friend Flavio that he is no longer in love with his secret lover Norma. He has fallen for the novice Adalgisa. Norma has already given him two sons (“Meco all’altar di Venere”). 

Norma arrives at the temple and tells the Gauls that the time is not ready for war (“Sediziose voci” – “Casta diva”). 

After everyone has left, the novice Adalgisa arrives at the altar and prays to the God because she has fallen in love with the proconsul Pollione. He surprises her and persuades her to go with him to Rome (“Va’, crudele, e al dio spietato”).
Meanwhile, Norma and Clotilde, the only one who knows about her two sons, are with the children in Norma’s home. Norma heard that Pollione has to go back to Rome but she is not sure that he will take her and the two children with him anymore. Clotilde hides the two sons before Adalgisa’s arrival. Adalgisa wants to break her vow to follow her lover (“Sola, furtiva al tempio”). Norma is ready to release Adalgisa from her vow, but when she learns that Pollione is the lover, her love towards him changes into hate (“Oh, di qual sei tu vittima”). At this moment the holy bell is heard and Norma has to go into the temple for the ceremony.


Norma wants to kill herself and the children to keep them away from Pollione (“Dormon entrambi”). But she cannot. Instead, she summons Adalgisa to take the children with her and Pollione to Rome (“Deh! con te, con te li prendi”). The girl refuses, she wants to bring Pollione back to Norma (“Mira, o Norma”). 

The Gauls assemble at the altar to hear Oroveso’s announcement that Pollione is being replaced by a crueler commander (“Ah! del Tebro al giogo indegno”). 

Norma is waiting for the return of Pollione but Clotilde tells her that Pollione won’t go without Adalgisa. Norma takes this as the sign from the God Irminsul, and announces the war against the Romans (“Guerra! Guerra!”). Before the war can begin, they have to bring a sacrifice to the God. In this moment Clotilde arrives and says that a roman soldier has invaded the temple. Pollione is brought to the altar and Oroveso demands his death.
Norma wants to speak with Pollione alone and offers him his freedom if he leaves Adalgisa (“In mia man alfin tu sei”). But even the threat to kill the two children cannot change Pollione’s mind. Norma swears to kill not only the Romans but also Adalgisa.  Pollione wants to kill himself, but Norma calls back the Gauls and announces that a priestess has broken her vows and therefore she will be the sacrifice. But instead of saying Adalgisa’s name, she says her own. She confesses her love towards Pollione (“Qual cor tradisti”). Her last thoughts are with her children, which she entrusts to her father (“Deh, non volerli vittime”). Oroveso promises to take care of them. The Gauls curse Norma on her way to the pyre. Pollione realises his love towards Norma and follows her into death.