The Four Seasons, from Vivaldi to new age music. From tomorrow until 29 April children’s ballet at the Teatro Massimo.

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The Four Seasons, from Vivaldi to Astor Piazzolla, from Eric Satie to the new age sound of Max Richter. The Corps de Ballet of the Teatro Massimo will dance to this and other music in “The Four Seasons”, the ballet in four scenes that will be staged from tomorrow, 6 April, until 29 April at 10 a.m. in the Sala degli Stemmi, aimed at children aged 7 to 11 and included in the season “0-18, music to grow from the cradle”.

A new production by the Fondazione Teatro Massimo, which for the first time launches a project on dance aimed at children. The choreographers are six: Carmen Marcuccio, Giuseppe Bonanno, Vito Bortone, Marcello Carini, Gaetano La Mantia, Alessandro Cascioli. Music by Karl Jankins, Madredeus, Astor Piazzolla, Max Richter, Eric Satie, Antonio Vivaldi. Direction and conception: Carmen Marcuccio. A project based on the suggestion of a thought by Ennio Flaiano: ‘There is but one season. The summer. So beautiful that the others revolve around it. Autumn remembers it, winter invokes it, spring envies it and childishly tries to spoil it.

Time flows, we perceive it from the colours of nature and the soul with the passing of the seasons. Thanks to them, everything moves and evolves cyclically, rhythmically and constantly, as in a dance that lives on with light and rainbows in spring and summer and fades golden and white in autumn and winter’.
Autumn will be danced to the notes of Gymnopedie, Concerto No. 1 by Eric Satie and Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, Winter to Karl Jenkins’ Benedictus, Spring to Andorinha from Primavera by Madredeus and Primavera Portena by Astor Piazzolla, Summer to Alfama by Madredeus, to Summer 3 by Vivaldi recomposed by Max Richter, to O Mar (Moana Maru remix) by Madredeus. For the finale A Andorinh by Madredeus.
Tickets: Full 8 €, Reduced 4 €

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