Mafias and drug trafficking between Mexico and Calabria
Tomorrow at 11.30 am at the Teatro Massimo “Silencio” by Attilio Bolzoni

‘I have been in Mexico City for a few days and I have been counting the number of journalists murdered in this country since 2000, they are 80. More than were killed in Iraq (71), more than were killed in Vietnam (66), more than were killed during the Second World War (68)’. This is how Repubblica correspondent Attilio Bolzoni’s journey begins in a country ‘where the life of a journalist is worth less than nothing’, a journey in the footsteps of a great reporter, Diego Enrique Osorno, ‘and with him we also found all the others, the living and the dead’.

Tomorrow morning, Tuesday 17 May, at 11.30 a.m. at the Teatro Massimo, for the 0-18 season, a great appointment to understand the mafias of the world: “Silencio – Le strade del narcotraffico tra Messico e Italia”, directed by Attilio Bolzoni and Massimo Cappello, with Bolzoni himself and Anabel Hernández, journalist and author of reportages on the world drug trafficking, who has been threatened with death several times. Music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Giacomo Puccini, Philip Glass, Stefano Scodanibbio, Luca Nostro and Lucio Perotti; Luca Nostro electric guitar; Teatro Massimo string quartet.

Because ‘mafias, like money, have no boundaries’. Starting from this intuition of Giovanni Falcone, Bolzoni recounts in a docufilm the slaughter of journalists in Mexico and of the ndrangheta in Calabria, acting as a link between two realities that are geographically distant but very close in terms of criminal mentality. The reportage has two exceptional guides: Diego Enrique Osorno, the Saviano of Mexico, and Hernàndez. A new production of the Teatro Massimo.