‘Smartfood and music to taste’: Monday 16 May at 6 pm, presentation of the best seller
The Smartfood Diet and the first performance of songs inspired by the book
Event with author Eliana Liotta, Marco Betta, Francesco Giambrone and Marina Turco

Bunches of notes, melodies to savour, mime-fasting breaks. The smart foods of the best seller The Smartfood Diet also become music, in a meeting between science and art scheduled at the Teatro Massimo in Palermo on Monday 16 May, at 6 pm in the Sala Onu (free admission).

The protagonists of the event ‘Smartfood and music to taste’ will be the author of the book La Dieta Smartfood (The Smartfood Diet), Eliana Liotta, and the composer Marco Betta, who will premiere on the piano Smartfood Pieces, his pieces inspired by the long-life foods mentioned in the book. The event will be introduced by Superintendent Francesco Giambrone, and moderated by Marina Turco, journalist for Tgs-Telegiornale di Sicilia. ¨The book La Dieta Smartfood, published by Rizzoli at the end of February 2016, has been defined a publishing case: it immediately conquered the top ten best-selling books, where it remained for two consecutive months, and is now in its eighth reprint. Translation rights have been purchased for distribution in Spain, Portugal, Poland and the whole of Latin America. This is the first Italian diet with a scientific label: it was created in collaboration with a major centre, the European Institute of Oncology (IEO) in Milan, and one euro of each copy is donated to research.

Not to be missed at the table are 30 smart foods, i.e., bright, intelligent foods, because they help combat extra kilos and prevent cancer, cardiovascular, metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases. They have been chosen on the basis of thousands of scientific researches and cutting-edge studies in nutrigenomics, the discipline that deals with the relationships between what we eat and the DNA. It is a fascinating world. It has been discovered that certain molecules in food influence the expression of genes and thus our health. Smartfood substances seem to do even more: they gag the genes of ageing and switch on the genes of longevity.¨ With the author, Eliana Liotta, two IEO scientists sign the book: Pier Giuseppe Pelicci, director of research, and nutritionist Lucilla Titta, coordinator of the SmartFood team.

The author: Eliana Liotta, Sicilian, lives in Milan. She is the author of the best seller La Dieta Smartfood, published by Rizzoli, with Pier Giuseppe Pelicci and Lucilla Titta (pages 360, euro 16.90). A professional journalist, she is a signature of Sette and Io donna, the weekly magazines of Corriere della Sera. Her blog on iodonna.it is ‘Il bene che mi voglio’. At Rcs she was editor of the monthly magazine, website and book series OK Salute and deputy editor of the weekly magazine Oggi. With a degree in piano, she is brand promotion manager of the Teatro Massimo in Palermo and a board member, appointed by the City of Milan, of the Teatro Dal Verme and the Teatro Arcimboldi.

“Smartfood and music to taste”
Monday 16 May 2016, 6.00 p.m.
Sala Onu, Teatro Massimo of Palermo

Francesco Giambrone, Superintendent of the Teatro Massimo di Palermo

Eliana Liotta, author of the book La Dieta Smartfood
Marco Betta, composer, author of Smartfood Pieces

Marina Turco, Tgs-Telegiornale di Sicilia journalist

Free entrance (subject to availability of places)

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