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Season 2021 / Other Events

Suoni in estinzione

Running time: 20 minutes
Teatro Massimo


Creative cast

Creative direction Luca Pintacuda
Artistic direction Antonino Serafino
Screenplay Fabrizio Pedone
Music and live performances Giulia Tagliavia, Giovanni Magaglio
Interaction Design Alessandro Disingrini, Albert Julius Cabri
Designers Lidia Falletta, Serena Pantaleo, Claudia Rago, John Mark Poultry, Rosaria Gallè



Full price €12 + €8 guided tour
Reduced (under 26 and card under 35) €8 + €6 guided tour
Reduced price for school groups €4 + €3 guided tour
Free: one accompanying teacher for every 10 students, H students and their support teachers

It is also possible to purchase the show only (without the guided tour)


An experience in which the public will find itself surrounded by projections, lights, music; a one-of-a-kind show in which the stages, the ceiling and the holographic sheets become the projection surfaces on which the narrative develops. Over the centuries, the harmonies and disharmonies of nature have inspired musicians and composers who have tried to translate into music the alternation of the seasons, the noises produced by natural phenomena, by living beings, by the movements of the cosmos. “Sounds in Extinction” questions and questions the viewer on the relationship between music, art and the natural environment, and on the evolution of this relationship in relation to a world that is increasingly artificial, urban, virtual and the danger of the progressive disappearance of entire ecosystems.