Love, heroes, knights, betrayals: opera in miniature format at the Teatro Massimo. Tomorrow at 10 a.m. the ‘Bambini all’opera’ project will be presented to the press. For the first time in Italy, a project structured by a Foundation for the whole season. Adults will be able to leave the little ones in a playful and protected space during the performance.

Love, revenge, heroism, betrayal. The magical world of opera becomes the protagonist, at the Teatro Massimo in Palermo, of a project dedicated to children, the first in Italy structured by an Opera Foundation for the entire season. On Sunday shifts, while grandparents and parents attend the performance in the Sala Grande, the little ones experience the same opera in a playful, quiet and protected space. The project is called “Bambini all’Opera” (Children at the Opera), it is dedicated to children from 5 to 10 years old and is realised in collaboration with the Libero Gioco association, offering families the chance to share, albeit in a different way, the experience of opera theatre.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 10 February at 9.45 am at the Teatro Massimo di Palermo (Sala Onu) the presentation of the project to the press and the first pilot-workshop with twenty children.

The superintendent of the Massimo Theatre, Francesco Giambrone; the artistic director, Oscar Pizzo; Francesca Cosentino of Libero Gioco will participate. The Teatro Massimo’s Sala Onu will be transformed into a play space, with an ad hoc set-up and pieces from the Brancaccio Theatre’s stage design workshops.