Performances dedicated to Saint Rosalia for the 400th Festino

The homage concert to Ennio Morricone’s music for cinema
Concerts on the steps of the Opera house and the ballet “Carmen”

This morning we presented the 2024 Summer Season, that will open on June 27 with the world premiere of “4 Canti per Santa Rosalia”, oratorio in four parts for soprano, mezzo-soprano, narrative voice and orchestra.
The Quattro canti (4 corners) are the intersection of the two main road axes of the historic center of Palermo and a symbolic place for the celebration of the Festino. The Teatro Massimo’s has commissioned the new oratorio to four female composers: Valentina Casesa, Maria Mannone, Giulia Tagliavia and Corinne Latteur.

“The Teatro Massimo is one of the main cultural reference points in Palermo and I am happy that one of the threads of the summer season is Santa Rosalia, as in 2024 our city celebrates the four hundred years of its Patron Saint – says the President of the Teatro Massimo Foundation and Mayor of Palermo Roberto Lagalla. The offer promoted by the Teatro Massimo for this summer is rich and varied and certainly has the intention of embracing a wide audience of different age groups.”

“It will be a summer mainly dedicated to the celebrations in honor of Santa Rosalia for the 400th Festino – adds General Manager Marco Betta – which will begin with a dedication entrusted to four composers. A choral song from 27 June to 3 August in the venues of the Theatre, from the Main Stage, to the Stemmi Hall, to the monumental staircase of the Massimo and the Teatro di Verdura with our musical director Omer Meir Wellber, up to Sperone-Roccella.
Together, all the workers of the Teatro Massimo will rejoys in the paths of great music”.

Tickets on sale from Thursday May 30

Download the press release of the 2024 Summer Programme (in Italian)