‘Ti racconto l’opera’, another great event on Sunday. Musicologist Giovanni Bietti narrates “Cenerentola” in the foyer of the theatre. Rossini’s opera on stage from Tuesday 19 April.

Giovanni Bietti, musicologist considered one of the best Italian music popularizers, pianist and composer, narrates La Cenerentola, Rossini’s masterpiece that will be staged at the Teatro Massimo from Tuesday 19 April. The appointment is the day after tomorrow, Sunday 17 April at 11.30 a.m., in the foyer of the theatre for the cycle ‘Ti racconto l’opera’, meetings entrusted to great narrators to see, hear, and understand the world of opera. Bietti’s narration is set against the backdrop of the images projected during the performance by Giorgio Barberio Corsetti using the blue screen technique.

A technique with which the director transforms the stage into a completely empty, all-blue set, where the singers act live while simultaneously being projected onto screens behind them, within which the story runs with effects that produce amusing gags. The encounter with Bietti brings the emotions of Rossini’s masterpiece to life in the space of an hour. After Davide Enia, who narrated Lucia di Lammermoor, it is Bietti’s turn. Again on 11 September, he will narrate Madama Butterfly, on stage from 16 to 25 September with the direction of Nicola Berloffa, conductor Jader Bignamini, and sets by Fabio Cherstich. Lastly, Carmen, on stage from 26 November to 4 December, (conductor Alejo Perez, director Calixto Bieito).

And this time, on 20 November at 11.30 am in the Sala Grande, it will be the journalist, writer, and literary critic Corrado Augias. “In this way we are trying to root our passion for opera even more deeply”, says Superintendent Francesco Giambrone, “which is not a distant genre and for insiders, but speaks to everyone, it speaks of great stories that are eternal and, because they are eternal, always topical”.

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