The Chorus of the Teatro Massimo in concert tomorrow at 6 pm. Performance in the foyer, music by Brahms and Schumann.

The Choir of the Teatro Massimo in concert tomorrow, Thursday 28 April at 6 pm, in the foyer of the theatre. The concert is entitled ‘The Love Triangle’ and features music by Brahms and Schumann. Conductor Piero Monti, mezzo-soprano Damiana Li Vecchi, baritone Antonio Barbagallo, harp Francesca Luppino, horns Piero Anzalone and Francesco Modica, pianos Salvatore Punturo and Piero Monti. The programme includes Vier Gesänge op. 17, for women’s choir, harp and horns by Johannes Brahms; two of the 6 Lieder op. 13 for mezzo-soprano and piano by Clara Wieck Schumann; Liebeslieder Waltzes op. 52, for mixed choir and four-hand piano by Johannes Brahms; two pieces from Dichterliebe op. 48 for baritone and piano by Robert Schumann; Tafellied op. 93b, for mixed choir and piano by Johannes Brahms.