Yesterday the concert at the Massimo, today the honorary degree to Uto Ughi. The leaders of the Theater: “With him, music has become a collective heritage”.

Press Release, Palermo May 26 2015

Yesterday in concert at the Teatro Massimo with Bruno Canino in honor of Franco Mannino, today Uto Ughi is once again a protagonist in Palermo thanks to the awarding of an honorary degree in Pedagogical Sciences by the University of Palermo. For the president of the Teatro Massimo Foundation and mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando, “an important recognition for a musician who has been able to spread the culture of music and make it become a collective heritage, especially among young people”. Also present at the ceremony at the Steri, today at 5pm at the Steri, was the superintendent of the Theatre, Francesco Giambrone: “Ughi has always had a very close relationship with Palermo – he says -. A bond that is renewed from time to time, and which yesterday had a new confirmation at the Teatro Massimo on the occasion of the concert dedicated to Franco Mannino, the very man who directed the reopening concert of the Theater in 1997, the awakening after the years of the long abandonment.”