An enthralling concert of brass instruments and voices with the participation of SeiOttavi. Tomorrow at 8.30 pm at the Teatro Massimo “SuperOttoni & Friends”.

A programme of great pieces, from the first movement of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony to My way, from the theme of ‘Nuovo cinema paradiso’ to Smoke on the water by Deep Purple. It draws on classical music, jazz, but also film music and rock, the concert ‘SuperOttoni &Friends’ scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday 28 February at 8.30 pm at the Teatro Massimo, organised by the cultural association Vivart in collaboration with the theatre.

On stage the SuperOttoni, the Children’s Choir and the Rainbow Choir of the Massimo Theatre (choirmaster Salvatore Punturo), the Mediterraneo Junior Orchestra of young Sicilian talents with singer Enrico Caruso. With the extraordinary participation of the SeiOttavi, the contemporary a cappella group whose six voices reproduce the sounds and harmonies of an orchestra, composed of Massimo Sigillò (bass), Alice Sparti (soprano), Vincenzo Gannuscio (baritone), Kristian Cipolla (tenor), Ernesto Marciante (tenor) and Germana Di Cara (soprano). Their performance is characterised not only by polyphony, but also by the reproduction of instrumental, sound, onomatopoeic and mouth-drumming and beat-box effects with the voices alone. Conductor, Michele De Luca.

During the first half, first the Grand Brass Orchestra composed of the brass and percussion instruments of the Teatro Massimo, Foss, some music teachers and professionals will perform on stage. Then a group of one hundred and forty youngsters will enter, forming the junior band Mediterraneo Junior Orchestra. With them will perform the very young, and very promising, Enrico Caruso. The second half of the concert will be opened by SeiOttavi, the evening’s special guest, who became famous in 2008 for taking part in the first Italian edition of X Factor and are now internationally renowned. Their latest work is an opera dedicated to the Vucciria, the first vocal opera ever produced. Then it will be the turn of the Ottoni Animati, the Teatro Massimo’s brass ensemble, with their music and comic gags.The show will end with the entrance of the Children’s Choir and the Rainbow Choir.

The non-profit cultural association Vivart has been working in Sicily since 2002 to expand the knowledge of musical literary and artistic culture towards the world of youth. Equally important is the social activity promoted with all those events whose ultimate goal is to become a point of reference for the disadvantaged and handicapped who can find relief from their discomfort and social revaluation in projects and activities. The association organises varied cultural activities for children and young people from the age of three. 
For the past year, in cooperation with the orchestra professors of the Fondazione Teatro Massimo and the national band federations Febasi and Ambima, it has been organising didactic meetings for all young people attending music-oriented middle schools, music high schools, academies and band associations.

The aim is to set up a youth orchestra called Mediterraneo Junior Orchestra formed by the young Sicilian talents who most distinguished themselves during the study meetings with the Maestri del Massimo.
Tickets: from 5 to 15 euros.