The opera house and the Palermo‘s Rocco Forte Hotel represent an important part of the city’s history. Both strongly desired by Ignazio Florio Jr. and Donna Franca, and designed by the famous architect Ernesto Basile, they are jointly recognised as the highest Italian expression of the Liberty style that characterised art and architecture in the late 19th and early 20th century.

From the union of the two icons comes a collaboration aimed at promoting new and exclusive experiences dedicated to culture lovers from all over the world, while developing an initiative to increasingly position Palermo as a destination of excellence.

The collaboration with the Teatro Massimo – inaugurated in 1897 and still the largest in Italy and the third largest in Europe – generates unique and exclusive opportunities for Villa Igiea’s guests, including: the possibility of private tours to discover its history and its architectural and artistic splendour; enjoying a cocktail in one of the dedicated areas; attending one of the performances accompanied by a dinner at Villa Igiea’s Florio Restaurant, as Ignazio and Franca Florio used to do during the Belle Epoque.