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Season 2022-23 / Ballets

Le Corsaire

Running time: 120 minutes
Teatro Massimo
Tickets from € 12,00
Booking open on 06/02/2023


From 15 to 19 March 2023 |Main Stage, Teatro Massimo

Music Adolphe Adam
Coreographer José Martinez
Conductor Mojca Lavrenčič
Scene and Costume Designs Francesco Zito
Lighting Design Jacopo Pantani
Costume Designs Assistant Mario Celentano*


A production of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma




Medora Maia Makhateli (15, 16) / Linda Messina (17, 19) / Carla Mammo Zagarella (18)
Conrad Jakob Feyferlik (15, 16) / Michele Morelli (17, 19) / Emilio Barone (18)
Gulnara Giorgia Leonardi (15, 16) / Martina Pasinotti (17, 19) / Yuriko Nishihara (18)
Lankadem Alessandro Casà (15, 16) / Diego Mulone (17, 19) / Alessandro Cascioli (18)
Birbanto Diego Millesimo (15, 16, 19) / Giovanni Traetto (17, 18)
Amica di Birbanto Romina Leone (15, 16, 19) / Valentina Chiulli (17, 18)
Pascià Vincenzo Carpino (15, 16, 17, 19) / Filippo Terrinoni (18)
Eunuco Giuseppe Rosignano
Coppie di corsari solisti
Chiara Sgnaolin, Gianluca Mascia (15, 16, 18)
Mathilde Marlin, Alex Gattola (17, 19)
Lucia Ermetto, Giovanni Traetto (15, 16)
Annamaria Margozzi, Dennis Vizzini (17, 18, 19)
Tre odalische
Francesca Davoli (15, 16, 18) / Michaela Colino (17, 19)
Francesca Bellone (15, 16, 18) / Sabrina Montanaro (17, 19)
Michela Mazzoni (15, 16, 18) / Chiara Sgnaolin (17, 19)

Teatro Massimo Ballet and Orchestra
Ballet Director Jean-Sébastien Colau
Maître de ballet Guido Sarno

*as part of the “Fabbrica” Young Artist Program of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma



SCENE ONE – The Slave Market
The slave trader Lankendem displays his “merchandise” to the highest bidder. The visit of the wealthy Seyd Pasha puts the slave market in turmoil. The shrewd Lankendem presents the Pasha with the most attractive slave girls, but none of them meet his taste. Then he shows him the attractive Gulnare, who he has just captured earlier on. The Pasha, enchanted by her beauty, buys her immediately and throws a bag of gold to Lankendem who rejoices. But the slave trader has saved his greatest “spoil” for last, he suddenly shows off the beautiful Medora. The Pasha is immediately captured by her beauty.
There is a group of men lingering in the square. Its leader, Conrad, the Corsair, notices Me- dora and he is immediately spellbound by her beauty. Thanks to his immense wealth, the Pasha buys Medora and carries her off to his harem. He has no suspicion of the Corsairs’ plan. Indeed, Conrad, helped by his friend Birbanto, kidnaps the young girl right in front of the furious Pasha. In the general confusion that follows, the other girl slaves are freed, and, before the arrival of the Turkish soldiers, the Corsairs manage to capture Lankendem and quickly flee to a cave by the sea.


SCENE TWO – The Corsair’s Cave
Conrad and the Corsairs return to their cave. They are very pleased with their own bravery which allowed them not only to take the girls away from Lankendem’s hands, but to have stolen a treasure. The slave girls ask Medora to intercede on their behalf so that Conrad may set them free. He accepts, but Birbanto and some of the Corsairs, who hope to make money out of them, protest vehemently against such decision. A violent discussion breaks out, but Conrad keeps his word and the girls are declared free from slavery. Conrad and Medora, self-assured and alone, bask in their new found love. Lankendem, meanwhile, tied up in ropes, silently witnessed the discussion between the Corsairs. He approaches Birbanto and his group by offering him a secret deal. If they release him, he will reveal them a sure way to prevail over Conrad: the Corsairs accept. He tells them that he has a potion with a very strong narcotic effect, which once is sprinkled on flowers and inhaled it is highly effective… In the meantime, the lovers return happily from their moment of shared joy. Conrad, wanting to offer proof of his love to Medora and seal it, takes a flower, smells its scent, but before offering it to her… he falls into a deep sleep.
The group of the rebel Corsairs surrounds Medora, who is terrified and realises she has fallen into a trap. The Corsairs let Lankendem escape with Medora. Birbanto is about to kill Conrad who suddenly wakes up. Desperate, for the loss of Medora, he sets out on his quest swearing to save her once again from the hands of Lankendem.


SCENE ONE – The Harem of Seyd Pasha
Finally Gulnare enjoys her new life, refusing to bend to the rules of the harem and challenging the Pasha himself: her capriciousness is full of charm, so she manages to avoid any punish- ment. No other woman in the harem dares behave like her in the presence of the Pasha. A big party is being prepared in the harem, when suddenly Lankendem arrives with Medora. The Pasha is once again captivated by the beauty of the slave and to thank the slave trader for his service, he gives him a lavish reward.
Happy to have back in his harem the two most beautiful girls slaves, the Pasha, while smoking, falls asleep. In his dreams he reaches the Jardin animé, where all the women of his harem dance around him in harmony. Suddenly he wakes up: the Corsairs have invaded the palace during his sleep and are running away with the slaves.


SCENE TWO – The Return to the Cave
Conrad and his friends return to theirs cave. Here they celebrate Medora and Conrad’s reunion. After the celebrations, they leave for the port where the Corsairs had previously prepared a ship. They all start a new journey towards happiness and new adventures.


The Corsair Ship
The Corsair ship takes off. Suddenly a storm breaks out. On a beach Medora and Conrad are the only two survivors of the shipwreck.