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Season 2023-24 / Massimo's Young Musicians

Beethoven non è un cane!

Running time: 70 minutes
Teatro Massimo
Tickets from € 10,00


Conductor Michele De Luca
Dramaturgy and Acting Paolo Migone
Massimo Kids Orchestra

Paolo Migone explains that classical music is not something incomprehensible or particularly strange, but is first and foremost music.
So why not let ourselves be moved and involved by the music of the great composers? Migone guides us into a universe unknown to many, and he does it in his own way, with absolute originality, lots of irony and without any prejudice or pretentious snobbery. The show is engaging, entertaining, enriched by slides, and in the narration four of the most incredible musicians in the history of music are associated with the four elements: Vivaldi with the water, Bach with the earth, Mozart with the air, Beethoven with the fire, as if to emphasise the indispensability of music for humanity.

Tickets: from 10€ to 25€

This performance is in Italian. A basic knowledge of the language is advised.



Music by

J. S. Bach, A. Vivaldi, W. A. Mozart, L. van Beethoven