Friends of the Teatro Massimo

Friends of the Teatro Massimo

The Association of Friends of the Teatro Massimo was founded in 1997 to provide citizen support for the Theatre, finally reopened after a quarter of a century of abandon and neglect, and to promote its cultural agenda.
Numerous activities are continually organised by the "Friends".

Amongst these, the presentations, held by distinguished scholars prior to the first night of each ensuing opera, have been most appreciated.
Orchestra conductors, producers and members of the cast are often invited to collaborate with the speaker in introducing the opera and exploring different aspects of its public performance. The conferences provide a unique opportunity to members of the Association and invited guests to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the opera currently programmed.

Various cultural events, such as conventions, concerts and master classes, have been organised with success.

The Association organises trips to allow our members to attend opera and concert performances in the main cities of Europe, and welcomes and assists Musical Associations from around the world visiting Palermo for similar reasons. During sowing and harvest season concerts are regularly organised in nearby country estates for our members and their guests.
Paolo Emilio Carapezza
Presidente dell’Associazione Amici del Teatro Massimo


Address: Amici del Teatro Massimo, Viale del Fante 70/b - 90146 Palermo, Italy
You can contact us every Tue, Wed and Fri from 10 to 12.30 am.
Phone/Fax: +39 091.689.11.58
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Socio sostenitore: euro 150
Socio ordinario: euro 85
Socio giovane (fino a 40 anni): euro 25.

IBAN IT57 J030 6904 6011 0000 0002 669

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Consiglio direttivo 2017-2020

Daniele Ficola, presidente
Anna Tedesco, vicepresidente
Vivi La Motta Maniscalco, tesoriera
Luca Giardina Cannizzaro, segretario
Giuseppe Barresi, Suzanne Donnison Garigliano, Gloria Martellucci, Daniela Morello, Dario Oliveri, Liliana Ragaglia, Costanza Tasca Camporeale, consiglieri
Giovanni Cusimano, Mario Moncada di Monforte, revisori dei conti

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