Wellber - Danker - Teatro Massimo Soloists

Wellber - Danker - Teatro Massimo Soloists

From 16 to 17 January 2021

In memory of the 50th anniversary of Igor Stravinsky's passing

Concert in streaming

#apertinonostantetutto (We keep going, regardless)

The Concert will be available all day long on the Teatro Massimo WebTv

Download the programme notes in Italian HERE


Sergej Prokofiev Ouverture on Hebrew Themes, Op. 34
Alfred Schnittke Quintet for piano and strings 
Igor Stravinsky Histoire du soldat - The Soldier's Tale

Conductor and piano Omer Meir Wellber
Narrator Eli Danker
Violin I Salvatore Greco
Violin II Donato Cuciniello
Viola Gaspare D'Amato
Cello Giuseppe Nastro
Double Bass Daniele Pisanelli
Clarinet Alessio Vicario
Bassoon Giuseppe Davì
Cornet Salvatore Piazza
Trombone Michele De Luca
Percussions Rosario Barretta

Sound Producer Manfredi Clemente

Broadcasting co-ordinator Gery Palazzotto
Television Producer Antonio Di Giovanni

Programme Notes (in Italian)