Sicily All Stars

Sicily All Stars

Thursday, June 15 2017, 08:30 pm

Jazz Concert

Soloists Francesco Buzzurro, Lucia Garsia, Vito Giordano, Alessandra Salerno, Francesco Nicolosi, Silvio Barbara, Carmen Avellone, Giuseppe Milici, Pietro Adragna


Teatro Massimo Orchestra and Brass Group Orchestra

In collaboration with Fondazione The Brass Group


1. We and Us
Music by E. Wilkins, strings arr. by A. Pedone    
Solo orchestra 

2. New Things Of Love
Music by Vito Giordano                                                                       
Solista Vito Giordano, flicorno

3. Soft Colors
Music by Vito Giordano                                                                                       
Solista Vito Giordano, flicorno

4. Blusette
Music by T. Thielemans, arr. by I. Garsia                                                         
Solista Giuseppe Milici, armonica

5. The Dragon
Music by T. Thielemans
solista Giuseppe Milici, armonica

6. Our Love is Here to Stay!
Music by G. Gershwin, arr. by P. Williams
Solista Carmen Avellone, voce

7. Honeysuckle Rose-Words
Music by A.Razaf e Fats Waller, arr. by P.Williams 
Solista Carmen Avellone, voce

8. Dietro un Vetro
Music by F. Buzzurro, arr. by D. Riina
Solista Francesco Buzzurro, chitarra

9. Viento Caliente
Music by F. Buzzurro & D. Riina, arr. by D. Riina                                                                         
Solisti F. Buzzurro & OJS

10. Marianela
Music by A. Sandoval, orchestrazione by I. Garsia
Solista Silvio Barbara, Tromba/Flicorno

11. Besame Mucho
Music by C. Velasquez, arr. strings by A. Pedone
Solista Lucia Garsia, voce

12. But Not For Me
Music by G. Gershwin arr. by P. Williams
Solista Lucia Garsia, voce

13. Summer of ’42
Music by M. Legrand
Solista Pietro Adragna, Fisarmonica

14. Oblivion
Music by A. Piazzolla, arr. by D. Riina
Solista Francesco Nicolosi, violino

15. Dangerus
Music by D. Garrett, orchestr. by D. Riina
Solista Francesco Nicolosi, violino

16. Back To Back
Music by A. Winehouse arr. by A. Pedone 
Solista Alessandra Salerno, voce

17. I Love You More Than you’ll ever know
Music by A.Winehouse, arr. by A. Pedone
Solista Alessandra Salerno, voce

18. Moonlight Serenade
Music by G.Miller 
Strings arr. by A. Pedone
Solisti Sicily All Stars


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