Card Under35

Card Under35

The 2020 Under35 Card is valid for 2021 as well.

The Card Under35 gives you special reduced prices on tickets for operas, ballets and concerts.

The Card costs 10 euros. You need to be under 35 years of age to purchase the card.

Tickets - 2021 Season - Card Under35

Get tickets at a reduced price - you can save up to 80% on the full price

BallettsConcertsOther events
Stalls252020/15/10concession price
Boxes201520/15/10concession price


Get your discounted Under35 tickets online

- Visit the Ticketone page and choose your seat. Then select “Ridotto Card Under35” and insert as "codice promozione" (promo code) the 8 digit code on your card.

Bring your Under35 Card with you for the performance.Ricorda di portare la Card sempre con te quando vieni a Teatro.

The card gives you:

- A significant reduction on ticket prices (you can save up to 80% on the full price)
- A free guided tour of the operahouse
- Special Under35 events (aperitivo, guided tour of the stage, rehearsals);
- A free Diamond Card

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