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Wednesday, May 16, 8.30 pm: Premiere
Thursday, May 17, 6.30 pm
Friday, May 18, 6.30 pm
Saturday, May 19, 8.30 pm
Sunday, May 20, 5.30 pm
Tuesday, May 22, 6.30 pm

Opera in three acts
Libretto by Alexander Zemlinsky from Le roi Candaule by André Gide in Franz Blei's German translation
Musical score reconstructed and instrumentation by Antony Beaumont for the Staatsoper Hamburg

By Alexander Zemlinsky
A new production - Italian Premiere

Asher Fisch
Director Manfred Schweigkofler
Set Designer Manfred Schweigkofler and Angelo Canu
Costume Designer Mateja Benedetti
Lighting Designer Claudio Schmid

König Kandaules Peter Svensson (16, 18, 20, 22)
Michael Baba (17, 19)
Gyges Kay Stiefermann (16, 18, 20, 22)
Peter Edelmann (17, 19)
Nyssia Nicola Beller Carbone (16, 18, 20, 22)
Stefanie Iranyi (17, 19)
Phedros Nicolò Ceriani
Syphax Cristiano Olivieri
Nicomedes Paolo Orecchia
Pharnaces Jeremy Milner
Philebos Matias Tosi
Simias Alex Wawiloff
Sebas Giulio Pelligra
Archelaos Alexey Birkus
Der Koch Ventseslav Anastasov

Teatro Massimo Orchestra

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Running time
Part I 50 minutes
Interval 20 minutes
Part II 80 minutes

About the opera
Der König Kandaules of Alexander Zemlinksy is an opera completed posthumous in 1995, inspired by André Gide's drama by the same name, who in turn took the idea from The Histories of Herodotus. The king of Lidia Kandaule gives the fisherman Gige a chance to see the queen Nyssia, his own wife, naked, in exchange for a magic ring which makes its owner invisible. Nyssia discovers her husband’s betrayal and asks Gige to kill the king, then crowns the fisherman as the new king of Lidia.
Zemlinsky, an austrian composer, was a Bruckner’s student supported by Brahms and lived in Vienna. In 1938 he was forced to leave Europe due to his Jewish origin. He lived in the USA until his death in 1942. The opera has recently reached international fame thanks to its staging in Hamburg, Salzburg and Vienna. This at the Teatro Massimo will be the Italian Premiere.
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