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21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27 November 2007
Lorenzo Ferrero
Franca Florio, regina di Palermo
Ballet in two acts by Luciano Cannito

Conductor Will Humburg
Coreographer and Producer Luciano Cannito
Set and Costume Designer Francesco Zito
Assistant Coreographer

Giuseppe Della Monica
Luigi Neri
Assistant Costume Designer Maria Ialongo
Marisa Spanò
Lighting Designer Bruno Ciulli

Teatro Massimo Orchestra and Ballet

World Premiere


Franca Florio Carla Fracci
Franca Florio
(il ricordo)
Rossella Brescia 21, 23, 25, 27 November
Sabrina Brazzo 22 e 24 November
Ignazio Florio

Giuseppe Picone 21, 23, 25, 27 November
Alessandro Macario 22 e 24 November
Vera Arrivabene

Soimita Lupu 21, 23, 25, 27 November
Carmen Marcuccio 22 e 24 November


Wednesday 21 November 2007 8.30 pm PREMIERE
Thursday 22 November 2007 6.30 pm S/2
Friday 23 November 2007 6.30 pm B
Saturday 24 November 2007 8.30 pm F
Sunday 25 November 2007 5.30 pm D
Tuesday 27 November 2007 6.30 pm C


Act I
SCENE 1: In Favignana, a lonely woman gives herself up to memory by the sea.
SCENE 2: the young Franca, in her parents’ home, passes a feast day and chooses her dress to have a walk among Palermo streets, together with her two inseparable cousins.
SCENE 3: Ignazio Florio, in his office, works very hard up to decide to have a short break.
SCENE 4: Franca walks by the seafront and everybody looks at her; even Ignazio is there together with a friend, Vera Arrivabene.
SCENE 5: Ignazio and Franca look each others: he would like to know her, so that Vera is in a really embarrassed situation.
SCENE 6: Ignazio kisses Franca’s hand: that’s love at first sight; Vera, a part, is upset and disappointed.
SCENE 7: it seems like the world gets stuck around Franca and Ignazio but her parents arrival force them to split.
SCENE 8: in Favignana, a touched Franca reads again an old letter written by Ignazio.
SCENE 9: Franca constantly receives letters from Ignazio who is neglecting his job. Franca’s family is not really enthusiast about the relationship between the young aristocratic and the middle-class man, even if he is very rich.
SCENE 10: Franca and Ignazio get married, together with a few guests in Livorno, and after ending the Mass, go back joyful to Palermo.
SCENE 11: big wedding in Palermo.
SCENE 12: the guests go away. First Franca and Ignazio’s love night.

Act II
SCENE 1: in Favignana, Franca lives on her memories, surrounded by the fishermen love.
SCENE 2: after some year, Franca and Ignazio, protagonists of the beau-monde and still happily together, launch the luxurious yacht Aegusa, a husband’s present to his wife.
SCENE 3: the little daughter Giovanna faints, Franca and Ignazio go back home. The mother stays by her baby whose health is irreparably threatened.
SCENE 4: preparation for the Kaiser’s arrival.
SCENE 5: Guglielmo II and his wife arrive; Palermo is under feast together with Franca and Ignazio in their moment of magic celebrity.
SCENE 6: even the English royal family and other nobles are seen in Florio’s house.
SCENE 7: some Russian princes arrive at Palermo to pass a holiday by the Florio’s. Franca is called the queen of Palermo.
SCENE 8: on Giovanna’s death and after the tragic death of the youngest Ignazio, “Baby Boy”, something changed between husband and wife: Franca lives retired in her rooms, Ignazio is upset because of his wife’s reluctance and suffers Vera’s charme, his young passion.
SCENE 9: Franca and Ignazio go to a first night at the Massimo theatre. Behind the
SCENEs, Ignazio courts a dancer, while a diplomatic Franca pretends not to notice it.
SCENE 10: Boldini, the painter, thinks her his own muse, up to portray her in poses more and more malicious. Ignazio catches them and destroys the painting; after a while he is regretted so that presents a wonderful pearls necklace to Franca and asks the painter for a new picture.
SCENE 11: even if Ignazio’s passion is already disappeared, Franca is pregnant again: she still loves him and would like to give him the so longed male heir.
SCENE 12: in Favignana, Franca reminds with insistence, the most dramatic memories.
SCENE 13: at the Sanremo casino, Ignazio flirts with other women; Franca is alone, in another table. Destiny seems to be changed and the two go away separately.
SCENE 15: in front of the Favignana sea the sun is going to set: Franca knows she was a queen but today is just alone and weak. As an ordinary woman. Alone overwhelmed by memories.


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Photographs Franco Lannino ©Studio Camera