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25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 31 January, 1 February 2007
Adolphe - Charles Adam
Ballet in two acts by Jules Henri-Vernoy de Saint-Georges, Téophile Gautier and Jean Coralli

Conductor Fabrizio Maria Carminati
Coreographer Jean Coralli e Jules Perrot
Restaged by Marcello Angelini
Scenes and costumes Designer Raffaele Del Savio
Assistants coreographer Susan Frei, Daniela Buson e Giuseppe Della Monica
Lighting Designer Bruno Ciulli

Teatro Massimo Orchestra and Ballet

Production by Firenze Teatro Comunale


Giselle Olesya Novikova 25, 28, 30 [4.30 pm] , 1 January
Greta Hodgkinson 26, 27, 30 [9.30 pm] and 31 January
Loys/Albrecht Leonid Sarafanov 25, 28, 30 [4.30 pm] , 1 January
Federico Bonelli 26, 27, 30 [9.30 pm] and 31 January


Thursday 25 January 2007 8.30 pm PREMIERE
Friday 26 January 2007 6.30 pm S/1
Saturday 27 January 2007 8.30 pm single tickets only
Sunday 28 January 2007 5.30 pm turnoD
Tuesday 30 January 2007 16.30 B
Tuesday 30 January 2007 9.30 pm F
Wednesday 31 January 2007 6.30 pm single tickets only
Thursday 1 February 2007 6.30 pm C



Giselle is a peasant girl whose two greatest loves are dancing and Loys, a peasant who is actually Albrecht, a nobleman in disguise. The huntsman Hilarion, who loves Giselle and is jealous of Loys, finds evidence of Loys’s true rank in his knigthly sword. When the Duke of Courland, his daughter Bathilde, and their retinue visit Giselle’s village, during the course of a hunt, Hilarion brings forth this evidence and unmasks Albrecht. Bathilde recognizes him as her fiancé, and Giselle, heartbroken at this revelation, goes mad and dies.


Giselle is inducted into the band of Wilis, female spirits who emerge from their graves at midnight to dance and to force any man they met to dance with them until he dies. Hilarion enters their forest domain and falls prey to them. When Albrecht arrives to mourn at Giselle’s grave, Giselle seeks to protect him, but Myrtha, the queen of the Wilis, demands his death. The lovers dance together, and just as Albrecht is about to succumb to exhaustion, dawn breaks and the Wilis lose their power over him. Giselle, whose love for him has endured beyond death, bids him a final farewell.


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Foto di scena dell'opera Giselle
Foto di scena dell'opera Giselle
Foto di scena dell'opera Giselle
Foto di scena dell'opera Giselle
Foto di scena dell'opera Giselle
Foto di scena dell'opera Giselle

Photographs Franco Lannino ©Studio Camera