Maratona Chopin - foyer

Maratona Chopin - foyer

Saturday, September 30 2017, 11:00 pm
Running time: 1260 minutes


How the Music Marathon works

The music marathon will begin on September 30th after the concert on the Main Stage of the Teatro Massimo Orchestra conducted by Daniel Cohen (find the details here), and it will be over at 8:00pm on October 1st (after, the 2nd Concert on the Main Stage dedicated to Chopin, find the details here).

Who can participate?

Both volunteers and professional musician can participate to the marathon (not pianists only). It is required to perform Chopin’s pieces or music inspired to Chopin - for example music dedicated to him, jazz’s improvvisations or anything else about the composer. The Teatro Massimo will only supply the piano.
One performer can book one slot or more (at least 10 minutes), till 5 slot as maximum.

Maximum perform’s duration: 75 minutes

About passages it is also important to remind that:
- Notturni: at night-time only (between 11 pm/03 am or 7/8pm on october 1st)
- Preludi: between 3/11am
- Mazurke, Scherzi, Valzer, Ballate: in the afternoon between 2/7pm

All other pieces can be freely performed.

How to enroll?

Please fill in the form below and send it to us.

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