Switchboard Teatro Massimo - +39 091 6053521

Box Office - tel. 091 6053580

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Guest artists and their agents:
contact the Artistic Direction
Oscar Pizzo,
091 6053208

Organising an event at the Massimo:
tel. 091 6053213

The venue in general, sponsors, visiting with a school class or a group:
contact the Marketing Department
Giovanna Proto,
tel. 091 6053268

Press, journalists:
contact the Press Office
Laura Anello,
tel. 091 6053206

contact the Library and Archive Department,
Marida Cassarà,
tel. 091 6053213

Francesca Falconi,
tel. 091 6053265

contact the Purchases Office

tel. 091 6053431

Scenery on sale or rent:
contact the Scenery Department
Renzo Milan,
tel. 091 6053522

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